Third Party Collection Services

FirstCredit Incorporated’s third-party collection services recovers bad debt receivables through:

- Primary Bad Debt Collection Programs
- Secondary Bad Debt Collection Programs
- Skip Tracing Programs
- Return Mail Programs
- Client Management Reporting
- Account Litigation in all 50 States
- National Credit Bureau Reporting

Medicaid Eligibility Services

RevCare helps you deal with self-pay uninsured & underinsured patients through:

- Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment Services, including SSD/SSI
- Charity Care Application and Processing Programs
- Presumptive Charity
- ER Screening & Eligibility Processing
- OB Screening & Eligibility Processing
- Nursing Home or SNF Placement Assistance
- ER Point-of-Service Collection Programs
- Baby Accounts Born to Active Assistance Mothers
- Out-of-State Medicaid Billing Management

Extended Business Office Services

PayMed Solutions maintains first-party relationships with clients by providing:

- Self-Pay Early Out Services
- Pre-Collect Programs
- Payment Monitoring Programs
- Statement Printing and Mailing Programs
- A/R Conversion and Transfer Services
- Commercial Claims Resolution Services